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Livelo #1 - A modern cargo bike

Livelo, your everyday friend

Livelo #1 is a climate-smart and energy-efficient alternative to the car. The practical and safe basket can be used both for transporting groceries and for driving children. The lid is easily transformed into a seat.

  • Leave children in kindergarten and school
  • Shop
  • Drive pets
  • Cycle or drive to the workout
  • Commute to work
  • Excursions and picnics
  • Recreation

Built of ultra-light aluminium and love

Livelo #1 is compact, lightweight and safe, both for you and for any fellow passengers.


Drive securely with hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels, integrated seat belts and a unique guard arch. Optimized steering and suspension make for stable curves.


Livelo #1 is built of high quality parts. It is designed, assembled and tested in Sweden before it reaches you.


The frame is made of one of the lightest and most durable qualities of aluminium available, and the seating position is both modern and ergonomic.

Lightweight, compact and comfortable

Livelo #1 has a lightweight aluminium 6061 alloy frame that guarantees modern ergonomics and seating.

Enjoy electric tailwind

The electric assist makes is easier and more comfortable to ride the bike, especially on windy days or while going uphill.

Security above all

Livelo #1 has hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels, a protective guard arch and three-point belts for passengers.

Optimized for stability

Correct camber, caster and KPI angles and Ackermann compensation ensure self-catering and stable curves.

Unique and patented basket with extra everything

Livelo #1 är kompakt, lätt och säker, både för dig och för eventuella medpassagerare.


The basket has a magnetic lock in the front with rubberized and waterproof zippers on the sides that hold the lid in place.


Easily transform the lid into a seat with three-point belts for the children.


Hide the seat and belts behind the backrest to maximize the load space.

Customer reviews

“Biking has taken on a new dimension since we bought our Livelo. Life is simple with a Livelo, we pass the traffic quickly and safely, we easily load luggage and children, get everyday exercise and get to experience the freedom and joy of movement that is provided by the three wheels and the light frame!“
Therese Alshammar
Therese Alshammar
Swedish swimmer who has won 3 Olympic medals, 25 World Championship medals, and 43 European Championship medals.
“Our cargobike/Livelo is our primary transport mode summer or winter. There is room for both kids, grocerys or my arm wrestling table. “
Heidi Andersson, Björn Ferry and their two children
Heidi Andersson, Björn Ferry and their two children
World champions in arm wrestling and Biathlon.

The perfect business bike

Livelo #1 is a great choice if you are looking for new, modern transport options for your business.
Livelo #1 är kompakt, lätt och säker, både för dig och för eventuella medpassagerare.

For companies that move with the times

Do you want to buy Livelo #1 for your company to use in the business or as a service to staff or customers?

We can also help you to print the company’s logo on the basket to expose your brand when the bike is used.

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Do you want to become a reseller?

We are now looking for new Danish, German, Dutch and British professional dealers who can also help with repairs, service and warranty matters. Are you the one we are looking for?

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