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The new version of Livelo #1 is here!

Livelo # 1 is an electrically assisted family and transport bike that you can use all year round. Commute, drive children, bring your dog or shop – an environmentally friendly and time-efficient way to travel that is also fun. The bike is delivered fully assembled.

The new version of the Livelo includes both practical and unique features:

  1. Integrated front and rear lights connected to the battery.
  2. Reverse function: Not having to get off the bike and lift it around is something many customers have asked for, this bike can reverse.
  3. New color display with an integrated USB-port to charge your mobile phone while riding.
  4. Extended lid on the basket to prevent water from flowing into the basket during heavy rainfall.
  5. Stronger rear fender struts to minimize vibrations.

Other news from the previous model includes:

  1. Shock-absorber in the handlebar
  2. Wider tires front and rear for smoother riding with improved road maintenance
  3. Thicker basket fabric and stronger zippers
  4. Practical and comfortably placed bottle holder
  5. Ergonomic and very comfortable grip

6-8 weeks delivery time

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Livelo #1 is compact, lightweight and safe, both for you and for any fellow passengers.

Children travel securely in the basket with three-point belts and a unique protective arch. Hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear. The parking brake makes sure that the bike is safe when stepping on and off or removing children / load.
Livelo #1 stands out among cargo bikes with its design. It is also only 2m long and weighs 40kg, which makes it one of the most compact cargo bikes. It is 87cm wide, which means it goes through most doors that are normally 90cm wide. The bike is designed to give both long and short people optimal comfort and a smooth cycling experience.
Lightweight frame in aluminum 6061 alloy, the right camber caster and KPI angles as well as Ackerman compensation gives Livelo #1 self-centering and stable turns. Hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro with parking brake and shift system from Shram. The bike is mounted and tested in Sweden before it is sent to you.
Livelo #1 helps you streamline your everyday life, protect the environment and travel safely.  

Customer reviews

“Biking has taken on a new dimension since we bought our Livelo. Life is simple with a Livelo, we pass the traffic quickly and safely, we easily load luggage and children, get everyday exercise and get to experience the freedom and joy of movement that is provided by the three wheels and the light frame!“
Therese Alshammar
Therese Alshammar
Swedish swimmer who has won 3 Olympic medals, 25 World Championship medals, and 43 European Championship medals.
“Livelo is one two life. Lifehack and lifechanger. For me it was like breaking the logistic code in the big city. To get around freely in heavy traffic, do something good for the environment and at the same time get exercise.“
Bingo Rimér
Bingo Rimér
Swedish entrepreneur, photographer, speaker and influencer

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